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JPSI (Johnston Power Sourcing Inc.) was established in 2011 and is a full service rental company servicing North Eastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta. JPSI was formed in order to fill a demand in the local Construction/Industrial sectors. Westar acquired JPSI in October of 2020 to form a new division – Westar Power Systems.

Westar Power Systems is reinventing the way power is provided and utilized on site, in the interest of developing efficiencies, streamlining rental management, supporting critical services and promoting natural gas alternatives. Implementing change demands dedication, passion, innovative equipment and knowledge. With 26 years of collective history and experience servicing the industry, we are poised to take care of all your rental needs.

Westar Power Systems is the leading natural gas power solutions company, catering to upstream developers making every step of site planning easy, start to finish. Westar’s extensive fleet of rental equipment ties seamlessly into the natural gas electrification grid, optimizing power usage and reducing fuel costs drastically. The benefits of a full service rental provider are broad in scope and translate immediately to drastic cost savings for our customers.


  • A well designed natural gas powered electrification system can supply an entire site with its’ power demands. Reducing operations to one singular engine power supply reduces fuel, streamlines operations, cuts down on noise pollution and increases efficiency.
  • Natural gas electrification grids keep diesel trucks off the roads, increase safety and lower drive time. During operations, down-time is minimized because natural gas generators do not need to power down during refueling. This can save on lease hand hours, where traditional light towers and small engines are fueled every day.
  • In addition to consistency, the use of distribution panels means fewer running motors (lighting, office shacks, trailers, tools plugged into distribution panels), with all services plugging into the main grid.

Westar Power Electrification Grid System

Onsite Rentals are typically powered by a 100kW diesel generator, a secondary diesel generator for ancillary services and multiple light tower/gensets. Rental costs on the two generators, and multiple light tower genset units, can be twice as much as one natural gas unit with a smaller diesel generator for back up (sitting standby) with a panel and cording system, plugging all lighting in. Westar offers package pricing saving customers as much as 50% of their rental costs.

Dedicated to Service

The Best in Customer Service

Westar's dedication to customer service and professionalism has driven Westar to being a first class oilfield rental company.
During its many years in business, Westar has innovated its solutions for its customers and tailored its service around the specific needs and requirements of their blue chip client base. Westar is an employee and safety driven organization, encouraging personal growth and a team building atmosphere.

Dedicated to Culture

Our Company History

Founded on Innovative Equipment with Exception Service Westar began in 2005 growing into an industry leader of a specialized oilfield rentals. In 2014 Westar was acquired by Enterprise Group. Enterprise Group is a growing consolidator of specialized equipment in the Oilfield and Construction industries.

Enterprise Group Divisions

  • Artic Therm.

    The industry leader in supplying flameless, portable heat generating units.

  • Hart Oilfield Rentals.

    Providing the highest quality Oilfield Infrastructure rentals in Alberta and B.C.

    Westar Oilfield Rentals Inc.

    Innovative Equipment with Exceptional Service!


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